Free Teaching Resources on Mobile Phone Safety – “Out of your hands”

One in five children aged 8 to 16 has had their mobile phone stolen, often by another child or group of children [ Office for National  Statistics]

With Christmas just around the corner, many of your students will have the latest mobile phone handset at the top of their wish list; download FREE teaching resources now from  “Out of your hands”  to ensure students stay street smart and safe from involvement in mobile phone crime.


Download the FREE parent and student leaflet: Watch it! Safety Tips for 7-11 years

Download the FREE student leaflets: Watch it! Safety Tips 11-16 years

Activities and Resources:

7-11 year olds – Explore the impact of mobile phone theft; the art of communication and find out about information exchange, with resources for English, ICT and PSHE.

11-14 year olds – Discover the impact of mobile phone theft through resources for Drama and Citizenship

14-16 year olds – Help your students to consider the impact of mobile phone theft; changing technologies and SMS text language on their lives through resources for English and ICT.



With thanks to Tim McShane from WiredSafety

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