Formspring Information from YHGfL

Formspring is a social networking site with over 20 million users. Formspring lets users set up a profile and enables them to post questions to other users as well as answer questions posted to them. It can be integrated with other social networking sites such as Facebook and information sharing sites like Twitter, so these questions can appear on profiles set up on these sites. The questions can be asked with a user’s name hidden, or they can be visibly sent from another Formspring account depending on the askers preference. Formspring is administered by a company in the United States and, under the sites terms and conditions and COPPA Regulations, children under the age of thirteen should not be using the site.


Schools have reported that it has been used to cyberbully and harass students. Formspring does have settings which users can adapt in order so they can choose not to receive anonymous questions.

Full details of how to do this, as well as how to report abusive content and other useful information, appears in this booklet produced by Yorkshire & Humber Grid for Learning

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