e-Safety Christmas Message for parents from SWGfL and UK Safer Internet Centre

There is often a ‘must have’ gadget each Christmas and it’s usually technological! Parents can sometimes be swept along and not necessarily consider all aspects when making some of these present purchases, for example online access, age rating etc.


The SWGfL and UK Safer Internet Centre have produced some content that any schools or organisations could include in their communication to parents such as a newsletter or website.


“Technology and the online world are becoming an intrinsic part of many young people’s lives and, just like the physical world, is another equally real world where they can spend a lot of their time. So with Christmas looming ever closer, many parents will be faced with the task of unravelling the complexities of their child’s request for the latest console or video game.


What is safe? When is the right age to go online and play with others? Which video games should I allow them to play? How can I make sure they are not taking big risks that could harm them?…… â€œ


The content continues (and can be downloaded) here


The UK Safer Internet Centre is also about to release information for parents on the run up to Christmas so keep an eye on the content at www.saferinternet.org.uk



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