Don’t Hide It

An NSPCC survey indicates that over 50% of children have experienced problems such as bullying, threats or sexual harassment online. They are particularly concerned at the popularity of social networking sites such as Bebo or MySpace, which they sayaround 52% of 11-16 year olds use once a day. As interesting is that the survey suggests that almost 60% of children used social networking sites to combat loneliness, ad 53% to share problems. The findings were revelaed as part of the charities campaign ‘Don’t Hide It’.

The ‘Don’t Hide It’ campaign site has personal stories from children (links to two below). They are harrowing, and show that many childrens’ profound negative experiences are NOT related to their use of the Internet. Two examples from the Don’t Hide It website. 


” My Parents wr always drunk leavin me on my own” 


I was bein sexually abused at home

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