Does this story sound right to you?

I don’t usually post to the e-safety blog, but this BBC news story concerning how Home Secretary John Reid proposes to protect us all caught my eye, and made me think. On reading, it seems confused, and contains some strange statements. For instance:

“We are setting up a task group with the industry to protect kids from what has become one of the greatest threats of abuse, which is the World Wide Web, the internet.

For a start the web isn’t the greatest threat of abuse; that status is reserved for the scum who use it to abuse and predate children, and they did so before the Internet existed, and will find any way they can.

It also states that

“Mums and dads who are getting familiar with the internet know the dangers to their kids.

Research indcates that children know more about the use of the Internet than their parents!

The most confusing idea is the ‘Kite Mark’. For what? What is the standard. Is it a standard for security software, or for anti-abuse software?

The article needs to present a clearer understanding of the issues, and I’m not sure he knows what he’s actually talking about! We may now see a whole raft of ‘solutions’ before the problem is clear.

Mr Reid showed similar confusion over his plans to stop terrorists using the Internet (Oct 2006). Some ideas are likely to be more effective though!

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