DCSF publishes action plan to implement Byron Recommendations

Yesterday, 24th June 2008, the Government published an action plan detailing how  the recommendations from March 2008s Byron Review will be implemented. The report was published by Children’s Minister Kevin Brennan, Home Office Minister Vernon Coaker and Culture Minister Margaret Hodge.

The action plan outlines the Government’s proposals for appointing the Executive Board of the UK Council for Child Internet Safety. The  Board will be chaired by DCSF and Home Office Ministers and will include representatives from industry, law enforcement other relevant agencies. It will be responsible for driving forward the Council’s agenda and meeting recommendations from the Byron Review.

The plan sets out actions and milestones which include:
• how the new UK Council for Child Internet Safety will be set up
• the development of a self regulatory approach by industry which will make the internet safer for children
• plans to raise awareness of e-safety issues among children, young people, parents and other adults through a public information and awareness campaign which will begin in summer 2008 as part of a £9m investment by Government in communications to the public about child safety;
• the role of schools and other services for children and families that can help equip and empower children and their parents to stay safe online.
• reforming the classification system for video games, including plans to launch a consultation to consider all necessary evidence around current and future video games classification
• how Government will work with industry to improve information and support to parents on video games

Full article from DCSF and press release

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