Controlling your Children’s Internet activity with the touch of a button

I came across an advert for a new product which allows parents to control their children’s internet access by using a remote to turn it on and off.  The product created by Best Netguard, enables parents to control their children’s access from anywhere in the house.

It sounds interesting and I would be intrigued to see if this actually works or do the children learn the password for the remote over time or use other more sophisticated ways to access the internet?

Also, is this approach teaching our children how to be responsible and control their own online experiences or simply enabling parents to control what their child does on a computer and not teaching them safe and responsible use? 

I think there is a possibility with these types of approaches that children will be encouraged and presented with a challenge of finding ways to hack the system and bypass the remote control settings.

Anyway, we will see but I would be interested to hear from anyone who has used something similar to this in their home. Did it work? Please leave a comment.


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