Connect Safely’s Top Tips to prevent Sexting

Connect Safely have launched some top tips to protect teens from ‘Sexting’ which can be found here

The advice is aimed at both parents and teen and looks at the legalities, effects and consequences sexting can have both now and on young people’s futures.

The advice is based on research – conversations with police, prosecutors, and legal scholars from across America and although the advice is aimed at a US market the advice is useful and applicable here in the UK.

This follows a recent story from America which can be used to illustrate how the law applies to more than still photos on phones. Police in Massachusetts, America are “investigating charges” against three teenagers who allegedly recorded video of themselves engaging in sexual activity and then distributed the video to junior high (primary) students. WCBV TV Boston reported the story here.  In addition to the child-pornography charges, statutory rape and wiretapping charges are also being considered (the latter, if audio was involved).

“Police said the video was taken at a home, not at the school. The alleged victim, a girl under 16, told them she did not realize she was being captured on cell phone. She went to police with her parents when she realized the video was circulating,” WCBV added.

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