Children ‘meet net friends often’? – Comparison of Kent and national surveys

A study from web security firm Garlik indicates that 20% of eight to fifteen year olds have met an online friend. Interestingly our own recent survey results for KS3 pupils show that 25% of boys have done so, of which 53% of them took someone with them. Girls, only 7% did so, with 100% of them being accompanied. Good to see Kent kids are more cautious!

It’s interesting, Kent schools have been proactive in working with the LA to ensure e-safety is treated as a priority, and our survey shows that around half of our children have had e-safety lessons. This may be the reason for the better than national figures!

Interestingly, Rebecca Chapman who was e-safety officer in my team, was recently awarded ‘Children’s Champion of the Year 2006 by the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP). Together with Alison Gaunt from ASK they were a real powerhouse in promoting children’s e-safety. Go Beccy! The challenge for us is how to keep up the momentum with Beccy and Alison having moved on.

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