Childnet Kidsmart website launches new “Skills School”

Childnet have launched new “How to guides” for young people, teachers and parents on their Kidsmart Website. The “Skills School” features brief video clips with voice-overs explaining how to use safety features of websites and services such as MSN, Bebo and Google searching.

Childnet are considering suggestions for new video guides so send requests in to Kidsmart or contact or follow them via twitter 

I’ve put in a request for a Facebook guide as it seems to be very popular with young people in Kent Schools, including those under 13 despite the minimum age limit imposed under COPPA (the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act).

Schools frequently ask me how we can discuss the safe use of sites such as Facebook, Bebo and MSN with under 13s, without being seen to be promoting them (and the fact they are nearly always filtered in educational settings).  I think the Skills School could be seen as one possible alternative due to its impartiality and ease of use with young people and adults. It’s a resource that can be recommended to young people and their parents if a concern is raised or be used as part of a PSHE or ICT scheme of work/session.

The Kent Video “Be Safe e-Safe” was also launched to be aimed at transition aged students who might be using social networking sites without considering the dangers. The video is available to watch online here and the hard copy version contains 3 guides to MSN, Facebook and Bebo. A copy was sent to all Schools in Kent and Medway but to request a copy contact the e-Safety Officer  (please note number are extremely limited).

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