Byron Review – The Next Steps

 An announcement by the Government (See here):  

“Kevin Brennan and Vernon Coaker today announced the UK Council for Child Internet Safety will launch in September 2008, six months ahead of the recommended timescale set out by Dr Tanya Byron in her report ‘Safer Children in a Digital World’.


Stakeholders, including a mixture of children’s charities and industry will today be informed about how they can join the UK Council for Child Internet Safety, which will be responsible for developing and leading a Child Internet Safety Strategy and advising Government on e-safety.


On 27th March the Government accepted all of Dr Byron’s recommendations in full and today the Government is committing to a timescale outlining the next steps which are:


• Inviting stakeholders to join the Council – 14 May
• Cross Department Action Plan – end of June 2008
• Launch of the UK Council on Child Internet Safety – September 2008
• First Child Internet Safety Summit hosted by the Prime Minister – spring 2009.


Kevin Brennan Minister for Children and young people said:


“All children deserve to take advantage of opportunities new technologies bring but parents have told us that they want support from the Government to help make sure these opportunities are beneficial to their children’s development without causing harm.We are inviting experts within industry and children’s charities to come forward and provide their expertise and advice by joining the UK Council on Child Internet Safety. By developing an e-safety strategy together, we can help children to learn and play safe online whilst at the same time supporting parents to manage new pressures they face in a modern technological world. These next steps show our commitment to acting on Dr Byron’s recommendations with the same pace and strength that they were set out. By engaging across Government and industry we will provide a robust and coherent strategy within the outlined timeframe.”


Home Office Minister Vernon Coaker said:


“The Home Secretary’s Task Force on Child Protection on the Internet has made fantastic progress in bringing together law enforcement agencies, children’s groups and the internet industry to ensure that the web is as safe as possible. The UK Council for Child Internet Safety will build on this progress and the recommendations made by Dr Tanya Bryon. The internet is a great tool which offers many opportunities and it’s up to all of us to work together to make sure young people get the most out of it and stay safe online.”


Culture Minister Margaret Hodge said:
“In a few short years the internet has become a huge part of our cultural lives, opening up a world of opportunity for young people to access culture, increase their knowledge or simply be entertained. The freedom the internet brings must be balanced by appropriate safeguards, and this key recommendation from Dr Byron’s landmark report will help children and parents safely enjoy the wealth of benefits that the internet can offer.”


Do you think the Government’s plan is sufficent? What do you think the Council should focus on with regards to internet and e-Safety?

Please post any views you have here!

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