Byron Review Competition

As part of the ongoing work of the Byron Review; looking at the risks to children from exposure to potentially harmful or inappropriate material on the internet and in video games, Dr Tanya Byron is inviting young people to contribute to the debate.

The DCSF and Dr Byron are asking young people to write half a page (approx 200 words), make a short video (no more than 2 minutes), or draw a picture giving advice to other children and their parents on how children can stay safe and have fun when surfing the net or playing video games.

 There are 3 categories for entry:

  1. How to be ‘Netsmart’
    Give advice to children on how to be safe and have fun online; or to parents telling them how they can help their children remain safe whilst enjoying the internet.
  2. How to be ‘Gamesmart’
    Give advice to children on how to have fun and be safe when playing video games; or to parents on how to choose the right video games and game settings for their children.
  3. Design a Front Cover
    Design a front cover for the Byron Review report. The design should be on the theme of having fun and staying safe when using the net or playing video games.

Schools, Community groups etc can encourage under 18’s to enter and copies of the flyer advertising the competition and all the relevant details can be found here.

Entries must be received by March 2nd 2007 either via email or post

Dr Tanya Byron,
DCSF, Area 2c,
Caxton House,
6-12 Tothill Street,
London, SW1H 9NA

The selected winners from each age group will not only have their entries included in the final report, but will also be invited to the launch at the end of March.


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