Blog Safety Forum discussion: Myspace v Facebook

Myspace and Facebook are both examples of social networking sites. Myspace has been hailed the most popular although many sites including Facebook and Bebo are catching up in the popularity ratings.

There have been many news reports recently questioning the safety of these sites. Young people are posting pictures opf themselves alongside personal information e.g. their mobile number and address.  Many Young People and their parents are not aware of the risks associated with social netwokring sites and some young people have found themselves in dangerous situations. 

Social Networking (or personal publishing) sites are a great way of meeting new people and publishing thoughts, ideas and opinions in a public place available to millions of people globally. However, it is important to educate young people and their parents about the risks associated with these sites so that young people can use this technology safely. is a website provide useful information about blogging and social networking and provides useful safety tips and a forum area for users to ask questions and discuss blog safety.

In this particular example a student has posted a question: ‘My friend says that Facebook is a lot better than MySpace — less dangerous anyway. What’s the difference?’

You can post your comments on this forum by registering as a member of

I would also welcome your comments on this topic and also what are your thoughts about the Blog safety site? Is it a good place to get advice?

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