Beatbullying launches new site for Young People

Anti-bullying charity Beatbullying has launched a new website for young people. The revamped website includes social networking, blogging, music uploading and video features. It enables young people of all ages to share thier own videos, photos and upload/download music created by other users, as well as blog about their thoughts on bullying. The new site follows a new adult and professionals’ website, which was launched earlier in 2008, and was developed after consultation with hundreds of young people. The site includes information and tips on how young people can keep safe when using the site itself and the internet etc in general.

Sarah Dyer, director of new media from Beatbullying, said: “It is absolutely crucial to engage with young people using the sorts of web technology they like. Our new site enables young users to communicate, interact and support each other online…We know how hard it can be to get young people interested and involved in anti-bullying messages and activities, but by making our website appealing and interactive, we can give young people an opportunity to explore, discuss and tackle this important issue by themselves.”

The Beatbullying site is also launching a scheme in Secondary Schools called “Cybermentors“, they are aiming to create groups of young people in every Secondary School who are trained to help and support their peers in an online virtual community, as well as on mobiles and other devices. By 2011, all 3000 secondary schools in the UK will hopefully be fully running the programme, which means a minimum of 150,000 schools-based mentors and a further 20,000 further and higher education students will be working to keep cyberspace a safer place. This network of young mentors will be dealing with incidents of bullying off line and online and working alongside Beatbullying, whether incidents are at school, out in the community, on social networking sites, messaging services, mobile phones, virtual communities or any other online environment.

Beatbullying also has it’s own channel on youtube which includes videos and links from Beatbullying as well as other agencies/users videos and useful sites for Primary and Secondary pupils.


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