Announcment regarding Access to Google Images in Primary Schools from EiS

Please read the following message from the Schools Broadband Team at EiS.


“Google have made extensive changes to the way they handle image searches. The effect of these changes is to break the filtering of thumbnails from blocked sites.  Access to the websites are still blocked but thumbnail images are being displayed in Google search results.  In addition it is not currently possible to enforce safe search on Google through Websense, potentially resulting in users being able to return search results for inappropriate material.

Google are aware of the issue and the problems for schools who want to use Google’s image search engine and discussion is taking place through national forums, however, the code changes made by Google are extensive and it is not yet clear that a comprehensive solution can be implemented by EiS in the short term.

For these reasons we have taken the decision to block access to Google Image search until we can find a suitable workaround to this issue.

In general we recommend that all Primary schools use a search site designed for younger children such as or where the image results are much more appropriate than the results from Google. 

For older students and staff you may wish to consider using for searches. The Websense image blocking continues to work on that site.

Schools wishing to continue using Google Images where supervision of searches can be assured should contact the Schools Broadband Service Desk; 01622 206040 or to have the site unblocked.

EiS apologises for any inconvenience caused and will continue working with Websense and Google to ensure this situation is resolved as soon as possible.”


For more details and information from EiS about Google Images, visit 

 Any updates will be posted on the EiS website and the e-Safety blog.

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