2008 Year-End Google Zeitgeist

Google has published its year-end Zeitgeist 2008. It’s a tool which reveals what internet users are searching for by studying the aggregation of the billions of search queries that people type into the Google search box.Most popular 10 Searches in the UK (2008)

  1. Facebook
  2. BBC
  3. Youtube
  4.  Ebay
  5. Games
  6. News
  7. Hotmail
  8. Bebo
  9. Yahoo
  10. Jobs
10 Fasting rising  UK Searches (2008)
  1. iplayer
  2. Facebook
  3.  iphone
  4. Youtube
  5. Yahoo mail
  6. Large Hadron Collider
  7.  Obama
  8.  Friv
  9. Jogos
  10. Wiki

The list also reveals what searches have been popular in different countires and globally. In 2008 this year the US election candidates and the Beijing Olympics figured highly.  Globally the most poular sites are around socialising and politics, according to Marissa Mayer, vice-president of search at Google:”Social networks comprised four out of the top 10 global fastest-rising queries while the US election held everyone’s interest around the globe

10 Fastest rising Global searches

  1. Sarah Palin
  2. Beijing 2008
  3. Facebook login
  4. Tuenti
  5. Heath Ledger
  6. Obama
  7. Nasza Klasa
  8. wer kennt wen
  9. Euro 2008
  10. Jonas brothers

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